Useful Security Tips From A Responsible Commercial Locksmith Tampa Fl

Aug 12, 2019

For the responsible business owners and managers, a break-in to a retail store or office is a frightening experience! There’s nothing as worry and scary as break-in or robberies! Above and beyond it, you also need to prevent burglary and protect your products or valuable documents or even deposits. Either way, your assets and employees are valuables. We hope our tips are useful in keeping your commercial entity safe when it comes to robbery and invasion prevention.

Master keys

Master keys will always remain as helpful tools for the business owner or manager. It allows them to use a single key to unlock a multitude of doors within the office premises. It may include several offices, meeting rooms or storage rooms; front and back doors, security shutters, and much more. We can prepare the master keys of various levels such as primary master key can be used for all entries in a building. While secondary master keys work well for more than one office space in a single building.

Window locks

Windows are the simplest way of invading into your office building, and poorly secured windows can be the quick gateway for thieves. Our expert commercial locksmith in Tampa FL can secure window locks and keep the areas around windows free from thieves

Digital or electronic locks

As technology has improved, digital door locks have risen in big fame, especially for commercial places and homes as well!

It eliminates the need for keys and is operated with the secret code, or PIN, or entry card for entry or exit. Furthermore, digital locks will automatically lock once you have entered or left a room! We recommend it as an ideal security system for your commercial entity.

Special keys for contracted staff

Especially for more significant business, the contractors come weekly outside of regular business hours. You must need to provide keys to them. These people are essential for your office and require access to your office. We can prepare extra key for them; hence, the cleaning job will not hamper.

Quick tips for responsible business owners or managers

• Keep an evidential record of keys and who handle its copies • inform your staffs to keep the keys safe and prevent it from duplication • Change the locks immediately if a staff leaves your company without returning their key • Do tag your office or store address with your keys • Apply the advanced digital locks to eliminate the need for keys at the workspace. • Repair or replace the weak locks as soon as possible

Are you an owner or manager of a business seeking a commercial locksmith to improve the safety of your office space? Trust on our locksmith Tampa FL today. Get the latest trends and information from our locksmiths by visiting our website as well. We’ll be happy to assess your current situation and offer the best solution for safeguarding your workplace.