6 Types of locksets for doors and Their Security Level

Types of locks for door - locksmith in tampa
Aug 6, 2022

Different types of locks on doors are essential inventions in human history. Types of locks for doors allow people to leave their houses unguarded and safe, knowing that burglars can’t just walk in and take all their expensive belongings. Not all types of locksets for doors are created equal, though. Although they all provide some level of security, some are better than others.

Types of locksets for doors and their security level 

1. Doorknob locks

Types of locksets for doors by locksmith in Tampa

Doorknob locks are the most common type of lock in homes, especially on inner doors, like bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re also one of the kinds to grace the front door, in combination with a deadbolt or other, more secure, lock. These locks have a locking mechanism within the doorknob and have knobs on either side of the door, and can have a single or double cylinder.

2. Types of locksets for doors- euro-cylinder lock

A euro cylinder lock is commonly fitted to UPVC & composite doors and is used with multi-point locking systems; and is also suited to some mortice deadlocks and sash locks on timber or Aluminium doors. As a result, euro cylinders are now one of the most common types of locksets for doors fitted to modern homes.

3. Types of locks for doors- cylindrical lever locks

These locks are very similar to deadbolts in how they operate and are also used in residential and commercial properties to secure exterior doors. However, there seems to be more space on oversized doors for this type of lock, which is why they are used for securing exterior doors at businesses, factories, and large buildings. In addition, from types of locks for doors, cylindrical lever locks are more accessible to operators than deadbolts because the lock lends itself to more effortless flexibility when moving in and out of the doorway jam. 

4. Different types of locks on doors- padlocks

Padlocks are pretty popular ones in the door lock category and from different types of locks on doors because these are not the ones that are permanently attached. Instead, they are portable. They come in various sizes. The two essential varieties within padlocks are keyed locks and combination ones. In combination, one can set up number dials to open the lock once anyone enters the right mix. 

5. Mortise locks

These locks are also known as rim locks and are generally used in commercial or glass doors. You can use the rim cylinders on rim latch locks. The latches are installed inside the door. Also, it has a long metal bar at the back that engages the opposite door’s lock mechanism, and two screws hold the lock at the end of the cylinder.

6. Deadbolts

different types of locks on door by locksmith in tampa

If you want to enhance the security of an entry door, opt for a deadbolt and an entry door knob lock or lever lock. A single cylinder deadbolt is generally a favorite for homes. However, it’s more convenient if you don’t require to use a key to lock and unlock the deadbolt from inside. Also, a double cylinder deadbolt offers additional security and could be an excellent choice for a door with glass panels that a burglar might smash to turn the lever and open the lock. 

Final words

Let us help you prevent home outsiders and burglaries with our professional security services and types of locks for doors. That way, you can set up your home or business in the exact fashion you want, types of locksets for doors, saving you time, money, and aggravation. Contact Locksmith In Tampa today for more information about our extensive locksmith services and different types of locks on doors.