Types Of Locks For Garage Door

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Dec 13, 2022

Many types of locks for garage door exist to secure your overhead door. Each type of lock has a unique purpose in protecting your home from break-in theft. If your garage is attached to your house, it is even more vital that you properly secure your home. In addition, people use garages to store valuable items like vehicles, tools, and yard equipment. Therefore, ensuring your garage door with a lock should be a high priority.

Types of locks for garage door

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1. Side-mount deadbolt locks for garage door

Side-mount deadbolt locks are mounted on the door track from inside the garage door and offer no access on the outside. Thieves cannot overcome these locks, as they are mounted inside the garage and provide no outside entrance for thieves and their tools. We can only operate these locks for garage door; they are effortless to install and inexpensive. 

2. T-handle lock

The T-handle lock is the most commonly used lock on metal garage doors. Rather than using conventional keys to (un)lock the door, this type of locking mechanism uses a hard-to-replicate. In addition, these locks are fixed to both sides of the garage door, using a deadbolt locking mechanism for total protection.

3. Rim lock 

The rim lock is so named since the lock is placed on the edge (rim) of your door. It has a locking mechanism, so you don’t have to get a padlock for the lock. You can get these in single or double-locking systems, meaning they can work from one or both sides of the door, offering a much more practical solution for garage door locks. 

The benefit of a locksmith for car doors

The locksmith for car doors is a trained professional with the proper knowledge and technique to pass and through almost any lock. They often use specially designed tools to get the job done with as minor damage to the lock as possible if any at all. You can expect to get into your car, home, or work within just a few minutes from when the locksmith arrives on the scene. They’re trustworthy, fast, and efficient, and in the end, you’ll be glad that you didn’t have to resort to breaking into your property.

The benefit of a locksmith for house doors 

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Most people rarely consider lockout situations until they are in the middle of one. For example, after you leave your door, you realize that you have left your keys inside. It is time to call a locksmith for house doors. These services travel to businesses and homes to handle emergency roadside calls. Licensed locksmiths often carry multiple services to provide customers with lockout solutions and possess the skills needed to complete those jobs.

Final words

Has your key snapped off inside your garage door lock? We can help. We can remove the broken key and repair or replace the lock. Please note, however, that a key snapping in the lock is often a sign of a damaged lock, so it may be worth just having it replaced with a new one. For more information on locks for garage doors, at Locksmith In Tampa, our expert locksmith team can provide you with a range of assistance and advice. Get in touch today.