Types Of Commercial Door Locks

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Dec 4, 2022

All types of commercial door locks and closures are considered grade one. That means they are the strongest and most secure for high-traffic areas and places of sensitivity (like museums, clinics, and universities). Since they are strong, they should hold up to intense use and last longer than their residential counterparts.

Types of commercial door locks

Types Of Commercial Door Locks - locksmith in Tampa

1. Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are regularly used together with other types of commercial door locks. One of the main advantages is that it is easy to install on most doors and adds an extra protection layer. A deadbolt lock contains a bolt that only the key lock or thumb turn will open, guaranteeing perfect security. Because good security is offered, this is one of the top door lock types to install. In addition, it fits perfectly with the door pull!

2. Types of commercial door locks- Electronic locks

Electronic locks are suitable for doors that require a secure, non-keyed solution. This type of lock uses secure digital codes or biometric identification, eliminating the need for keys. Keypad locks are a kind of electronic lock with a cylinder or key override. Electronic locks require a little more thought regarding door requirements, so you should talk to a commercial door locksmith about your alternatives.

3. Mortise locks

Another commercial-grade door lock is a mortise. It is durable and great for doors that receive lots of traffic. Mortise locks are made in two parts- the cylinder and the body. A mortise is secure because the deadbolt is inside the body, which means super resistance to forced entry.

4. Cylindrical lever locks

The cylindrical lever lock travels through the entire door and is the most common option because they are usually quick to install. The cylindrical lever is also used because many aesthetic options allow people to match the lock more accessible to the rest of the décor. We can use these commercial door lock types with a key or a combination of a key and a push button on the handle.

5. Commercial door lock types- Keypad door locks

We can use keypad door locks for homes and apartment buildings, but most are used because they have unique features. These features make this lock a much better option for commercial buildings, which must cater to many employees without sacrificing any aspect of their security.

6. Cam lock

As the name suggests, Cam locks should be distinct from camera-looking ones. These are merely named because of their appearance. The cam locks mainly cover mailboxes, lockers, cabinets, deposit boxes, etc. They appear flat or tubular and are very easy to use.

The benefit of commercial locksmith services

commercial door lock types - locksmith in Tampa

No matter what type of business you have, security is important! All businesses must be on top of their security, including the safety and physical security of assets and inventory. Commercial locksmith services can be very beneficial to businesses.

Final words

Regardless of which style or type of lock you decide will work great for your commercial space, ensuring it’s appropriately installed is essential. No matter the types of commercial door locks you want, Locksmith In Tampa will install them professionally while providing knowledgeable and exemplary services. We are available 24*7 at your service.