Top Commercial Door Lock Set

commercial door magnetic lock
Oct 23, 2022

When considering commercial door lock set technology for your office, commercial space, or multifamily living complex, several options are available in the market depending on your needs. They provide safety and security like no other appliance or tool. However, often underestimated and overlooked, selecting door locks should be done carefully to meet your specific requirements.

Top commercial door lock set

Commercial Door Lock Set by locksmith in tampa

1. Electronic locks 

Electronic locks are the revolution of locks! By introducing your passcode or fingerprint, you will have unlocked your door. They are the perfect lock for doorways, providing a non-keyed solution and reducing the need to issue keys. With this smart lock, security will be forever! It is highly recommended that a professional technician install be made to prevent any bad connection.

2. Commercial door lock set- Cylindrical knob locks

The knob of cylindrical knob locks turns the lock’s spindle, which rotates the bolt. This type of commercial door lock set is available in various functions, albeit less typically utilized in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant establishments, as they can be difficult for people with mobility impairments to use. These locksets are only advised for entrances, not subject to ADA regulations.

3. Commercial door lock types- Mortise locks

Mortise locks are durable and in use at businesses with a lot of foot traffic. They come in two parts: the cylinder, which carries the key, and the body, which contains the locking mechanism. The commercial door lock types are widely used because it has a reputation for withstanding constant use. The mortise lock requires a pocket drilled into the door and then chiseled out by hand.

4. Padlocks

Padlocks are freestanding. Unlike other lock types, they are portable and are not permanently attached to a door or container. They come in various models that are grouped into two main categories: keyed and combination. They are easy to recognize due to their mobile nature and looped-handle shackle shape. 

5. Latch locks

The latch locks are pretty normal ones you may have often spotted outside. Here, the inside components move when the key fits into the cylinder, engaging the bolt/latch within the door. This latch moves inside and outside the door frame (box) to lock and unlock it. These systems often use either the deadbolt or spring bolt mechanism earlier discussed.

6. Commercial door magnetic lock for access control

commercial door lock installation by locksmith in tampa

A commercial door magnetic lock is a type of commercial door lock that uses electromagnetism to hold the door in the fully closed position. Magnetic locks are mighty and extremely easy to install. Automatic doors and hardware offer complete turn-key magnetic lock systems for retail store doors, healthcare doors, financial institution doors, restaurant doors, education doors, and more. Magnetic lock systems include a wiring diagram matrix, making installation fast and easy.

Final words

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