Find the right lock for your front door: Lock Buying Guide

Find the right lock for your front door: Lock Buying Guide
Jul 6, 2022

Choosing the right lock for your front door is very important than ever in today’s world. It’s always better to be safe instead of sorry. Various locks are on the market to ensure front door security, but choosing the right lock for your front door can be difficult. The front door lock to your house is one of the most common entry points for all people, and this is the only way to protect your home, business, yourself, and those you love is through exterior door locks.

This ultimate guide to door locks will help you find the right lock for your front door.

1. Multi-point locking system

A key-operated multi-point lock system is fitted into the door’s body and locks into the door frame. Multiple bolts will include in the door frame when the lock is involved, generally with a minimum of 3 points and sometimes five issues.

The mechanism is usually operated with a euro cylinder lock to which the key inserts.

2. Door knobs

Find the right lock for your front door: Lock Buying Guide

Simple door knobs are the less expensive option and come in different finishes and styles. However, using a two-piece configuration with a deadbolt can be inexpensive and secure for locking your entry door.

3. Deadbolt locks

Deadbolts offer even more robust security against thieves or break-ins. They have strong lock bolts that move with the turning of a knob or key without a spring.

In addition, their unique locking mechanism is better equipped to resist physical attacks, battering, and dullness, making them less susceptible to a knife or hand tool.

4. Biometric locks

Biometric locks are a prevalent, up-and-coming electronic door lock option. You can unlock an entry door with your fingerprint, or your eye scanned. It is a very secure option since fingerprints are all unique and difficult to forge.

It’s also a practical option for individuals who don’t have to carry a key fob with them, which means they always have access.

5. Handle set locks

Handle set locks have a handle on the outer side and either a keyed opening or twist knob on the inner side to lock it. In addition, this type of lock features deadbolt locks rather than a spring bolt for more security.

It gives a similar purpose as a doorknob lock but can provide a more appealing look to a home’s exterior.

6. Double-cylinder locks

The double-cylinder deadbolts offer maximum security compared to the single-cylinder type. However, if you want to secure your front door, it would be best to go with an exceptionally sturdy door type that isn’t easy to break down.

7. Mortise locks 

Find the right lock for your front door: Lock Buying Guide


Similar to cylindrical lever locks, mortise locksets are used more often on the exterior doors of businesses and other commercial properties because they are designed. They need more room to operate correctly, but many homeowners use them to secure their homes.

Many older homes already had mortise locks in place when the homeowner bought the house, and the person decided to maintain them instead of changing them for a different type of lock.

Final words

I hope this lock guide helped you choose the right lock for your front door. Door locks are designed primarily for functionality, but in addition to providing security, their appearance is also a consideration.

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