6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Locksmith

licensed locksmith in Tampa
Jun 15, 2022

When protecting your home, business, and vehicle, you must find a licensed locksmith in Tampa with a proven track record of satisfied customers and excellent service. So, of course, the first person that comes to mind is a reliable locksmith who will be available immediately.

Before you hire a licensed locksmith in Tampa for your house or business, what things do you need to consider?

Here are the six questions to ask while hiring a licensed locksmith in Tampa.

1. What are your hours of operation?

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Locksmith


Once you’ve checked out the company’s reputation, you’ll want to verify that they’re available to you day or night. Emergencies aren’t restricted to daylight hours!

Be sure that the company you’ve chosen can provide you with trouble or off-hours contact information and that they can provide you an estimate on turnaround time

2. Do you have any relevant certifications?

Technology is changing rapidly- and locks are not free from this. However, a good locksmith will keep their education and training up to date and have certification documents to prove it.

Seeing how recent their certifications are is an excellent way to see just how serious they are about their work and how knowledgeable they are about newer locks.

3. What locksmith services make your offer?

You should only use a licensed locksmith in Tampa because they offer diverse locksmith solutions. For example, they can resolve ignition key issues, car lockouts, transponder key problems, broken and missing keys, car door unlocking, mobile locksmith services, key/remote supplication, and critical replacement benefits.

4. Is there a guarantee or warranty on any services offered?

What happens if the locksmith arrives and can’t fix the problem? First, you may want to determine whether you will still need to pay them. Is there any warranty on these locks?

Any locksmith worth their salt will have a contract. It shows that they trust in what they are offering.

5. How much experience do you have?

These days locks are more than just goblets and bolts. Some waves also involve sophisticated computer systems. Therefore, you need to ensure the locksmith you choose is experienced with these locks. Otherwise, you have a broken lock.

6. What are your rates?

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Locksmith


While this doesn’t necessarily indicate the quality of a technician, it’s essential information for you to have up-front. Some technicians will charge a piece-work rate. It means they charge a set amount per task. For example, if you need a lock rekeyed, you will pay per lock instead of by the hour.

Unlike licensed locksmiths in Tampa, Some locksmiths charge an hourly rate, with a standard one-hour minimum regardless of how quickly the job finishes. That said, a few techs out there will set in 15-minute or 30-minute increments. Technicians also charge a trip fee. Be sure to ask for the charge to your location.

Final words

You don’t have to settle for just any unknown locksmith that comes around. When hiring a licensed locksmith in Tampa, remember to ask these questions before making any agreements and find the right fit for your budget and the service you need.

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