What Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance?

What Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance?
Jun 30, 2022

Car Key Replacement Cover is an Add-on to your car’s Comprehensive insurance policy, not a standalone cover. Losing or misplacing your car keys is frustrating and stressful and can be expensive to repair or replace.

In earlier days, losing your car keys was not a big problem. You might even have a spare car key to get you out of trouble, and locksmiths quickly make duplicate keys.

Also, It was a convenient and not high prices method. But today, with the arrival of encrypted car keys and remote-controlled cars, you need to reach the car’s service center for a new key or even the replacement of the lock, which will be a time-consuming and expensive process.

So the reason behind knowing better about what key replacement covers in car insurance is to reduce the hassle created after losing or misplacement of your car keys.

What does the car key replacement cover include?

What Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance?

1. Lost/stolen keys

 It is sometimes adverse that the keys will be lost or stolen, which can lead to the theft of the car in some cases. The insurance company will reimburse the cost of replacing the lost or stolen keys in such a situation. 

2. Break-in of car

Car key insurance under key protection or key replacement will cover the damage to the lock and keys of the car in case of attempted burglary. The insurance company will reimburse the cost incurred to replace the lock and keys as specified in the policy schedule.

3. Damage to the lockset

There is a possibility that the lockset of the car may be damaged due to an accident. In this situation, the insurance company will reimburse the amount to repair or replace the damaged lockset.

The benefit of key replacement cover in car insurance

Worrying about your car keys being lost or stolen is quite normal. But after car key insurance, you do not need to worry as it will provide a replacement for your lost key without any extra payment.

First, you need to deliver a few requirements of the insurer; after that, your condition, be it a key or lock replacement, will be accomplished.

Precaution to be taken

What Key Replacement Cover in Car Insurance?


You must be very attentive about your car keys. Even if you have enclosed the key replacement cover in your car insurance policy, there is a specific limit on how many times you can claim your key replacement cover within the term insurance policy of your car.

If your claim for key replacement cover is beyond the permissible number of times, then you will have to bear the expenses for them.

Final words

While there were economical ways to help you if you lost your car keys, they are mostly not valid if you have a mid- or high-range car with an advanced locking system.

Please use the key protection add-on as it offers added protection at a nominal cost. Locksmith in Tampa handles all residential and commercial locksmith needs.

You can immediately call us if you have lost your car keys or resolve any hazardous situation instantly. Keep going on without trouble when you become a home invasion victim or fire breakout.

If you are locked out of your home or lost your car keys, our licensed technicians can provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services.