How does master key work?

Sep 30, 2022

A master key system includes master keys, locks, users, and a hierarchy that makes up your day-to-day key management for master key holders. So how does master key work? While a single master key can provide high-level access to a single user, your master key system determines how securely your entire organization uses its master keys at all levels of master key access. 

How does master key work? 

How does master key work? locksmih in tampa

Most master key systems work off of a primary pin tumbler lock. So how does master key work? A pin stack includes a driver pin, and a key pin must be elevated so that the two rest on opposite sides of the shear line to open a lock. A key lifts key pins within a lock of different sizes. The driver pins will be a universal size. Hence, the key needs the right grooves to lift the key pins to the correct height.

Implementing a master key system

1. How does master key work?- Great grand master key 

This key will open all subsequent vital systems, including the grand master, master, and change keys.

2. Grandmaster key

The grand master key opens all master and sub-master/change systems under it. The grand master has somewhat restricted access permissions compared to a great grand master key, and it usually possesses high-level managers who have access to all the factory areas.

3. Master key 

Without a master key system, there is only one key for a lock. Therefore, changing a simple lock into a master keyed lock is necessary. In some lock systems, this will be the highest-ranking key.

4. User key

User keys refer to the standard keys you provide to employees who don’t require high-level access. Usually, user keys are associated with a single lock, like a front door or storage room. They can’t open any other doors and are the lowest level of keyed access to your organization.

Benefits of master key system

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1. Control

When combined with a high-security lock, a master key system ensures no one will duplicate your key without your express permission.

2. Convenience

This key system offers convenience for every business owner, eliminating tracking and maintaining many keys. You can open the door of your office or any facility with just one key. 

3. Master key locksmith, who make keys save time in a hurry

Need to leave home or office in a hurry but can’t find the right key in your set to lock up? We’ve all been there and know how frustrating this is. Switching to the best master key locksmith, who make keys, prevents you from wasting precious minutes when time is of the essence.

Final words

Want to heighten security and enjoy more convenience with a master key system? How does master key work? To increase safety and security for your house or business, we recommend adding a master key system. Locksmith In Tampa is here to help. Serving for many years, we’ve helped countless clients optimize their security based on their precise needs.