6 Reasons Why Garage Door Locked Out?

lock garage door from outside
Oct 31, 2022

Garage doors are complex mechanisms that can malfunction without apparent reason or even stop working altogether. For example, the garage door locked out because of its age and somewhat outdated technology, or it could be something minor that you can immediately fix. Here are a few common garage door problems. 

Six reasons why garage door locked out

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1. Misadjusted sensitivity

A garage door stuck closed often the result of misadjusted sensitivity settings. It is a common issue on newly installed garage doors, where the opener might be set to an arbitrary factory setting that doesn’t suit the entry in question. Wrong setting inputs can create misadjusted sensitivity on your garage door. For this issue, it’s wise to call an inspection and service to get your settings right and avoid future problems. 

2. Locked out garage door because of broken cable

The garage door is lifted by the spring, turning a pulley that pulls a cable attached to the garage door. Suppose the line is broken, locked out garage door. Replacing a garage door cable is a standard garage door repair.

3. Garage door locked out because the track is not aligned properly

When the automatic garage door opener starts working, the cables physically maneuver the door while the strings manage their speed. The metal tracks keep the garage door in line and help the operating system function properly. For example, a crooked door that jerks around or makes grinding noises could have fallen off the track. With time, as misalignment worsens, the garage door could stop working.

4. You may have broken springs on your hands 

Garage doors use torsion springs, which raise and lower the door. They run horizontally over the door’s width. Over time, these springs can become worn out and unable to function correctly. Broken springs are a common reason for a garage door failing to open. This problem can result from general wear and tear, rust, and improper maintenance. Therefore, it would be best if you inspected the torsion springs yearly for rust or weakening.

 5. Your sensitivity is out of adjustment

Sometimes garage door locked out to a newly installed garage door or an older one: if the sensitivity is set too high or low, the door will not open. So first, read the manufacturer’s directions to reset the sensitivity. Then, you can adjust and manage the close force and limit switch to the correct levels, and you should be good to go!

6. Lock garage door from outside if the transmitter batteries have expired

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Your garage door relies on more than one form of power to make it function normally. If the transmitter batteries have expired, it will lock garage door from outside. If your garage door isn’t opening with remote activation, it could be that your remote has dead batteries. It is a simple fix, as most remotes require batteries to function, which is easy enough for anyone.

Final words

It’s often best to consult a professional locksmith if the garage door locked out. Locksmith In Tampa is trained to deal with all types of lock issues, including home lockouts, stuck car locks, and non-responsive garage door locks. We are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.