Commercial Door Locksets – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Jan 22, 2023

Commercial door locksets are essential to any business, providing security and control over who has access to a building or specific areas. Business owners consider installing robust types of commercial door locks to ensure their offices are safe. The locks are available in various styles and materials, with different levels of security for different needs. 

Further, unveil the fabulous things about Commercial door locks before you buy them and call the locksmith for the installation.

Commercial Door Locksets for Better Security

Commercial Door Locksets by locksmith in tampa

1) Pick your lock wisely

When choosing commercial door locksets, you must consider the type of lock you need. It can range from simple knob locks for low-security areas to mortise locks for higher-security areas. Additionally, there are also electronic locks that require a keypad or card reader for access.  

2) Don’t ignore the material

The material of the lock is also essential to consider. Locksets are typically made from either stainless steel or brass. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion, while brass is more malleable and easier to manipulate. The material choice may depend on the environment in which the lock will be used.  

3) Understand the installation

When it comes to installation, you will need to consider the size and type of door you are dealing with. Mortise locks are typically longer and require a deeper pocket in the door for installation. Knob locks are easier to install but may not offer the same level of security as a mortise lock.  

4) Safety within your budget

Finally, you will need to consider the cost of the lockset. Commercial door locksets can range from simple knob locks at a few hundred dollars to high-end electronic locks at several thousand dollars. But, again, the cost will depend on the type, security level, and material chosen.  

Types of Commercial Door Locks

1. Keyless Entry Door Lock  

2. Deadbolt Lock  

3. Digital Door Lock  

4. Keypad Door Lock  

5. Mortise Lock  

6. Lever Handle Lock  

7. Knob Lock  

8. Card Access Door Lock  

9. Magnetic Door Lock  

10. Panic Bar Lock

Commercial Door and Hardware  

types of commercial door locks by locksmith in tampa

  • Installing commercial door and hardware is a necessary process that requires much planning and precision. It is essential to ensure that the door and hardware are installed correctly to provide optimal security, functionality, and aesthetics.  
  • The first step in installing commercial doors and hardware is to select a reputable vendor. Care should be taken to ensure that the vendor has the necessary experience and expertise to provide quality products and services. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that the vendor complies with local building codes and regulations.  
  • Once a vendor has been selected, the door and hardware must be measured to ensure they fit correctly. Door frames should be measured and marked for cutting, and the door and hardware should be placed in the designated area. It is also essential to check that the door and hardware are compatible with existing components, such as hinges and locks.  
  • Once the door and hardware have been properly installed, it is essential to test their functionality. It includes checking the functionality of the locks, hinges, and other components. Additionally, it is essential to check the functionality of any safety or security features, such as alarm systems or panic bars.  
  • Finally, it is essential to ensure that the door and hardware are adequately maintained. It includes regularly inspecting the doors for signs of wear and tear and ensuring that all necessary repairs are made promptly. By installing and maintaining commercial doors and hardware correctly, businesses can guarantee protection against intruders.


Overall, commercial door locksets are an essential part of any business. When selecting a lockset, it is crucial to consider the type of lock, material, installation, and cost. With the right lock, you can ensure the security of your business and its personnel.

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