How To Open Combination Lock Gun Safes Without Keys?

How do open combination lock gun safes without keys? If you get locked out of your gun safe, don’t be alarmed – this is a most common incidence. When you get locked out, there are many ways to regain access to your combination lock gun safes

How to open combination lock gun safes without keys?combination lock gun safes - Locksmith in Tampa

1. Prying

Opening combination lock gun safes via the prying method is different than the prying that will open an essential safe. It can be done with almost no understanding of the mechanical elements of your gun safe but is it aided by knowing where the bolts are on your safe door? The prying method works best when the safe door is pointed at the ceiling. It is positioned if you are dealing with a hidden floor safe. It gives you the advantage of gravity when you leverage the door open. 

2. To open gun safe replacement locks- Drilling

It’s not the same as drilling a lock, even though you use the same tool. When drilling a safe, you’re either trying to create an entry point for a borescope to control the dial better or creating an opening for a tool so that you can directly interact with the actuator. Drilling into the To open gun safe replacement locks will not work if you don’t know where your lock actuator is and how the bolt assembly works.

3. To combination lock gun safes- Use a screwdriver 

Much like using a knife, you can also use a screwdriver to access your safe. Take a flathead screwdriver and insert it into the keyhole. Begin to rotate the screwdriver clockwise till you feel the lock begin to open.

4. Opening your safe with a nail file

In this case, you’ll want to insert the pointy end of your nail file into the keyhole. Next, wiggle the file around in the keyhole, press the pins, and ultimately search for that ‘click’ sound. Once you hear some noise, turn the file clockwise to turn the lock and open your safe. 

Why are replacement locks for gun safes necessary?

replacement locks for gun safes - locksmith in tampa

A damaged safe lock is the main reason why replacement locks for gun safes become required in the first place. The lock to a safe can be damaged due to a blunt force attack, locking bolts being knocked out of alignment, or damage to the internal wiring. Only some of the instances call for a safe lock replacement. In some situations, a certified locksmith can help open your safe.

Final words

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and failed, the next step is to find a reputable, safe locksmith. A professional expert locksmith is the best person to allow access to combination lock gun safes when you are locked out. If you need a safe locksmith specialist or a residential locksmith, contact Locksmith In Tampa, where you will get a master locksmith. We have decades of experience and a well-earned reputation for completing the job properly and swiftly. 


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